Clear the skies

Stop the self-doubt and cure the impostor syndrome with my self-discovery tool!

As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light of meaning in the darkness of mere being.

– Carl Jung

My self-discovery tool

Be one of the first to try my self-discovery tool, a service you can take monthly, to gain in-depth insights into your motivations, needs, skills, and current lifestyle.

What is it?

The Flow Dimensions personality assessment focuses on identifying key areas where you can improve your life for more flow and well-being, and reduced stress.

A 4-dimensional assessment

  • Current lifestyle
  • Identity
  • Key values & motivations
  • Core needs

Discover Your Areas for growth

I’ve identified eight key areas we need to consider in order to live healthy and balanced lives. If any of these are missing, or in conflict, we can feel incomplete or as if something is wrong.

  1. Connection
  2. Achievement
  3. Variety and freedom
  4. Structure & Organization
  5. Personal life needs
  6. Social life needs
  7. Career
  8. Play and free time

The tool is available for as low as 2$ and can be taken once per month.


I’ve been making videos about personality psychology, creativity, flow and well-being. I made my YouTube channel already in 2007.

My coaching program

The goal of my coaching program is to:

  • Help you gain more clarity into who you are, what your core motivations, blindspots, and stressors are.
  • Give you the power and confidence to define yourself
  • Help you set goals and make lifestyle changes to promote more flow and well-being

How does it work?

1. Become a patron

Coaching is offered on a single or monthly basis. Payment is done via There are multiple tiers available based on your preference.

2. Book a session

After placing your pledge, you can book a coaching session via a special link.

3. Pick a topic

Create your Flow Inventory

Develop an inventory of your core motivations, needs, and preferences, and use it to set goals and make positive lifestyle changes for more flow and general well-being.

Discover personality types

Whether you are a Myers Briggs (MBTI) nerd, an Enneagram enthusiast, or a fan of the Big Five or DiSC, I offer a multi-system approach to help you explore yourself in your system of preference.

Free space

Bring any topic you’d like – relationships, work, or personal growth. These sessions are for you – and while I’m not an expert on everything, I’ll give you a space to explore and find the answers to your questions.

4. Get your own profile

After the session, you will get your own preliminary profile. The profile is written together and maps out your most likely personality type(s) and clues into your subtype and personal development, and areas of growth.

Why My Approach Is So Impactful

My coaching is based on the Myers Briggs Type Indicator developed by Isabella Briggs and the theory of Carl Jung. I offer a profile based on your primary personality type, preferences, and cognitive functions. I rely on values psychology and flow theory to track your core preferences and to help you determine your personality type.


Erik, I absolutely love your YouTube videos and have taken so much from them. At least every day or so while observing my behavior I think of some insight you pointed out as to what the root causes might be. I love how perceptive you are and your deep understanding of the ENFP. Thanks for taking the time to do what you do, it matters!


I really enjoy Erik’s insightful videos that are full of passion without judgements. I’m learning a lot about what is already known about MBTI, but also thinking outside of the box and asking new questions that will push human understanding to a new level.


I really enjoy Erik’s insightful videos that are full of passion without judgements. I’m learning a lot about what is already known about MBTI, but also thinking outside of the box and asking new questions that will push human understanding to a new level.


Frequently asked questions

Can you help me find my personality type?

Yes! If you’re doubting about what your core values, motivations, or thought patterns are, my coaching can help you gain clarity into what personality type best fits your preferences.

Why should I study myself?

Self-awareness can improve your decision making skills, help you set effective and positive goals, and to find the right career for you. Introspection, when done right, can give you a stronger sense of agency. By knowing yourself, you also know how to better motivate and take care of yourself, so that you can live a happier life.

What if I don’t want coaching?

I offer multiple tools that you can use for a low price as a Patron or for free as a visitor of

What tools do you offer?

My self-discovery tool is an in-depth questionnaire that can be used to gain knowledge of key motivators and core needs, as well as what personality type or preference you have across multiple different systems. It is offered for all my patrons, regardless of level.

What’s the difference between your self-discovery tool and a personality test?

I personally go through your answers and can offer more in depth feedback and awareness than any program or calculation could. If there are inconsistencies in your results, I can help explain why that is. You can also re-take the tool once a month to see how your results evolve over time.

Do you offer any online courses?

Yes, I will shortly be offering paid online courses at a low fee via Type School.

I have another question

Well, just send me an e-mail.